Case Studies

Cement Mill Barring Drive A last minute call, just prior to a planned maintenance shutdown period required Ingenia to come up quickly with an improved barring drive clutch operation design.

The barring drive clutch was originally designed to disengage the barring drive when the cement mill main drive is running.

Ingenia’s client had identified a need to change the way the barring drive clutch was operating, and this required the fabrication of new clutch parts with a different profile and an improved clutch operating system. A risk assessment as part of the design showed that additional controls and interlocks were required to assure that the changed functionality of the barring drive clutch mechanism would be meeting the AS 4024 Safety of Machinery requirements.

Design by Ingenia and fabrication by a third party contractor were completed within a short timeframe and allowed for installation and commissioning during the planned maintenance shutdown.

Positive feedback from Ingenia’s client meant this was another project well done and meeting client’s expectations


cement mill barring drive upgrade












Figure 1 - Original Barring Drive Clutch System













Figure 2 - New Improved Barring Drive Clutch Setup