Case Studies

AS4024 Machine Safety Risk Assesments A major beer brewery in Adelaide recently extended its production facilities with a state of the art malting plant facility.

As part of the commissioning process Ingenia got engaged to conduct an assessment to assure that all plant and machinery of the new malting plant complied with the machine safety requirements of AS 4024. Almost all machinery had been designed, built and installed by a renowned German company which sets itself high quality standards to meet e.g. European Machinery Directive requirements. Some of the outcomes of Ingenia’s machine safety risk assessments were:

  • A couple of automatically, pneumatically operated knife gate valves located at the bottoms of bucket lift elevators posed a crushing risk for operators and maintenance staff
  • Instructions of operating switches, controls and HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) weren’t provided in English but instead I the German company’s native language

Ingenia’s client took the machine safety risk assessment outcomes on board and summon the German company to rectify the shortfalls.

Figure 1 - Moderate Risk of Crushing caused by a Knife Gate Valve

Figure 2 – Operating Instructions shall be supplied in the Language of the Country of Use