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Graham Cutts Associate Senior Civil Engineer


Professional Overview:

Graham provides a wealth of experience in civil and structural engineering that has been obtained by working in the industry for 40 years. Specifically, his specialty is in the design, construction and drafting of public, commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and recreational buildings including the civil components to their landscapes. Key areas of expertise that his career has focused on are in educational facilities, having been involved in the design and documentation of a large number of schools both in the private and public sector. Other areas of expertise are in the construction of recreational centres for fitness, or theatre. In regard to the industrial sector, he has spent considerable time in the planning, documenting, engineering and construction of fertilizer storage and precast manufacturing facilities and their landscapes.

Graham was s Director, Partner and Senior Engineer for CC&L Consultants Pty Ltd from 1994 to 2012. This consulting engineering company provided services in both structural and civil engineering. The service provided was typically as a secondary specialist consultant, but in certain instances was the primary consultant. Graham was involved in numerous projects over these years.

In the early part of his career, Graham gained valuable knowledge and experience as part of a team of engineers and draftsmen involved in the detailing and documenting of the building and stack for the Northern Power Station at Port Augusta. The Electricity Trust of South Australia was the client. The power station was seen as a major project in the development of South Australia at the time, generating 520 MW of electricity from the burning of brown coal mined to the north at Leigh Creek. This power station has been a major supplier of electricity to Adelaide for the past 30 years.

Further valuable experience was gained when he traveled overseas, working in London on the Jeddah to Mecca expressway, an urban 10km dual three lane suspended roadway, constructed out of segmental pre-stressed box girders.  The project was located just out of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and was constructed for an estimated cost of $400 million US dollars.

Heritage projects:

Graham worked as an engineer on Barton Vale at Enfield in 1989. Leenders & Partners were secondary consultants to Cheesman Architects on this project. The heritage listed residence had been used as a girls remand centre in its later life. He was involved in the restoration of the building back to its former glory as a residence. A viewing tower was also installed onto the building as the original had been previously demolished. At the time the building and land which formed the estate was owned by the State Government. Surrounding land was eventually sold to developers followed by the sale of the residence into private ownership.

Graham also provided engineering input on the shoring and underpinning of the northern main wall of the original Art Gallery building in the city. This was required so that extensive extensions could be undertaken further north in 1994. He acted as a consultant to the earth moving company (Tolmer Group of Companies) who were contracted to do this work.

He has also been involved in report work for a number of Catholic buildings and churches of significance over the years.

In 2005, Graham as part of CC&L Consultants was involved in work on access platforms on the roof of Parliament House in the city for maintenance of solar panels that had previously been installed.


Qualifications, Training and Memberships:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering, May 1986  - Institute of Technology SA

  • Chartered Professional Engineer   MIEAust CPEng (NPER) - Registered: 01/09/1994   Civil (general)

  • Civil Technicians Certificate, December 1976 - Institute of Technology SA

  • White Card - OHS General Induction for Construction

  • First Aid Certificate

  • Autodesk  Cad Training Course, September 1989

  • Member of Footings Group